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How do we enable Theme app extension?

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Theme app extensions offer a user-friendly way for merchants to enhance their Shopify themes with dynamic elements, eliminating the need for complex coding or Liquid template modifications.

With PushOwl's theme app extensions, you can easily incorporate dynamic features such as product reviews, prices, ratings, or even interactive 3D models of their products. These extensions seamlessly integrate with Online Store 2.0 themes, including the default Dawn theme, which serves as Shopify's Online Store 2.0 reference theme.

How do we enable the Theme App Extension?


  1. On the PushOwl Dashboard, you will see a banner asking you to enable Theme app extensions.

  2. Click Enable Now.

  3. You will be redirected to the App embeds page on Shopify- Ensure the PushOwl toggle is enabled.

  4. Click Save.

What would happen if you don’t enable the theme app extension?

  • Shopify suggests using theme app extensions to improve the experience for store owners.

  • If Shopify decides to remove support for script tags in the future, merchants will not be able to use PushOwl as it currently works. To be proactive, we are encouraging merchants to switch to using theme app extensions before Shopify makes any announcements about discontinuing script tags.

💭To learn more about theme app extensions, read Shopify's Documentation

Feel free to reach out to support via In-app chat or if you have any questions.

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