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EComposer Integration
EComposer Integration

Discover how EComposer integration enables you to add custom buttons to your store and lets shoppers easily subscribe for web pushes.

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Adding custom buttons to your website used to be a task. However, we've simplified the process for you! By integrating PushOwl with Ecomposer, you can now effortlessly include web push subscription buttons on your personalized web pages.

Pros of the integration:

  • Reach audience attention effectively by push notifications

  • Increase sales and recover customers

  • Free Installation - No coding required - Risk-free.

Here are all the use cases for this integration:

  • Subscribe (PushOwl One-Click Opt-In): is used if you want to notify the customers about products in general. Work on all pages.

  • Back In Stock (PushOwl Back In Stock Alert Button): is used if you want to notify the customers about products that are back in stock. It only works on the product page.

  • Price Drop (PushOwl Price Drop Alert Button): is used if you want to notify customers about products with lower prices than before. It only works on the product page.

The appearance of the button can be tailored to match the design and setup of the page. To subscribe, shoppers only need to click on the button, and they will be directed to a browser prompt. If the shopper is already subscribed to web push notifications, they will automatically be added to the waitlist for the product. The subscription process is straightforward.

How to Integrate PushOwl and PageFly.

  1. Install both PushOwl and EComposer on your store.

  2. Go to Apps on Shopify and find EComposer Landing Page Builder.

  3. Click on Start Building and choose the desired page.

  4. Choose a Template.

  5. Find the Extensions button on the top.

  6. Search for Pushowl and Install now.

  7. Now, on the Elements tab on the left, scroll down to PushOwl Web Push Notifications. Drag and drop the PushOwl button on the Product page to view the Back in Stock button.

  8. You have personalization settings where you can customize the Alignment, Typography, Text Shadow, Box Shadow, and Spacing of the button.

  9. Once you are satisfied with the button, press Save and Publish.

💡 For more details, read EComposer's documentation.

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