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How to disable/downgrade PushOwl without uninstalling
How to disable/downgrade PushOwl without uninstalling

Pausing your PushOwl account without having to uninstall

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In this article, we will walk you through the steps to disable PushOwl on your store without uninstalling it.

Disable/ Pause PushOwl

If you are on the paid plan and you are looking to disable PushOwl. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Downgrade to the Basic Plan - The first step is to downgrade your PushOwl plan to the Basic Plan. This will ensure that you are not charged in the future while you are not using the app.

  2. Disabling Automations - This will ensure that no notifications are sent to subscribers. This step is essential to prevent any notifications from being sent while PushOwl is disabled.

  3. Opt-ins

    If you want to continue collecting subscribers while PushOwl is disabled, consider leaving the opt-ins enabled on the browser prompt. This way, visitors to your store will be prompted to opt-in, and if they click "allow," they will be added to your list of web push notification subscribers.


    Collecting unlimited number of subscribers is a feature included in the Basic plan, and you won't incur any charges for this.

    However, if you want to completely turn off PushOwl and stop collecting subscribers, including disabling the opt-in prompt, you can select "No-Prompt" under opt-ins.

You can contact us via our in-app chat or by emailing if you require assistance with the process. Our team is readily available to assist you.


If you are looking for a way to disable PushOwl temporarily just for debugging your website we recommend to follow the steps here

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