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Importing Email or Shopify Subscribers to PushOwl
Importing Email or Shopify Subscribers to PushOwl

Adding Email/SMS subscribers to PushOwl

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If you're new to using Web Push Notifications and notice that your subscriber base is at 0, you may be interested in importing your pre-existing subscriber base from your Email platform or apps.

Can you Import your Email/SMS subscribers to PushOwl?

No, you cannot import email/sms subscribers to PushOwl as they are a different online communication/marketing channel. With Web Push Notifications, your store visitors can subscribe to receive updates via browsers without providing any personal details such as emails or numbers.

Why can't we import them?

One of the main advantages of notifications is that the customers can stay anonymous and still receive updates about your store's latest offers and products. When a customer visits the store, an opt-in prompt is triggered, and once they click on allow, a unique browser token is assigned to them, and they are added as a subscriber for notifications.

The way notifications work, we don't require any personal details of the customers, such as emails or numbers. Hence we cannot import/use your existing email/sms subscribers to reach them via notifications. Customers have to visit your store and manually subscribe for notifications.

How do we encourage these subscribers to sign up for Web Push Notifications?

One way to do so is by sending an email or an SMS invitation to join an exclusive group with instructions on how to subscribe to Web Push Notifications on your store.

It's likely that a percentage of the subscribers will also choose to sign up for Web Push.

You can contact us via our in-app chat or by emailing if you require assistanc. Our team is readily available to assist you.

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