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The PushOwl app is showing as outdated
The PushOwl app is showing as outdated

PushOwl app is shown as outdated and is not loading

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If PushOwl shows an outdated screen when you open the app in the Shopify admin

it could be due to the following reasons

1. You are on a very slow network

If your network speed is Slow 3G (Download 376 kb/s, Latency 2000 ms) or below then Shopify will show the app being loaded as outdated. This is due to a bug in a code library provided by Shopify.

2. Ad-blocker is blocking PushOwl

Your ad-blocker might be blocking PushOwl and preventing it from loading. If you have an ad-blocker installed, you can disable it or whitelist PushOwl in it. You can read more about how to whitelist PushOwl in ad-blockers here.

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