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Why are my dashboard changes not reflecting on the store?
Why are my dashboard changes not reflecting on the store?

Sometimes you make some changes on the dashboard like the opt-in prompt text, ACR timings etc but they don't show on the dashboard.

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When you make any change on the dashboard that is required to be reflected on the store, PushOwl makes a parameter change in the SCRIPT tag that loads on your store. This parameter change results in the new changes reflecting on your store.

Wait a little

This parameter change usually happens within 5-10 seconds of making the change, but in rare cases may take up to a minute. So wait a little after you make the change, then open the store page again.

Still not showing up?

If you are not able to see your changes even after a minute, it may be the case that PushOwl was not able to make the parameter change in your store's HTML. The most probable reason for this is - using some kind of optimization app on your store. These apps generally cache the store's HTML and refresh the cache according to their own custom logic and sometimes not. That is why, though PushOwl has made the parameter change in the store HTML, the optimization app keeps serving the old/cached version of the store, having the old parameter. And hence, the changes don't show.

What to do now?

If you doubt the above-mentioned case, look at the apps installed on your store. If you suspect any of the apps doing such optimization, try disabling it and see if the PushOwl changes start reflecting or not.

If you are not sure about which app it could be, send the list of all your installed apps to our customer support team and we'll have a look and try to help.

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