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Why are my Safari subscribers receiving notifications with the wrong logo and name?
Why are my Safari subscribers receiving notifications with the wrong logo and name?

Troubleshoot why your Safari subscribers may be receiving your notifications with the wrong logo and name.

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If you or a subscriber has been receiving notifications on Safari with the wrong logo and name, here's why and how you can fix the issue.

Safari uses push certificates to send notifications to your subscribers. At PushOwl, we do the heavy lifting for you, setting up certificates to ensure that your shoppers can subscribe and receive notifications via Safari. However, there is a limitation to how many certificates can be created so most certificates are shared among multiple merchants.

To easily send notifications, Safari caches assets like static images and saves them on the browser. Shoppers who have subscribed to 2 stores sharing a Safari certificate (a rare scenario) might receive a notification from one merchant with the logo and name of the other.

Merchants on higher plans like Business and Enterprise are less likely to share their Safari certificates with multiple other stores. So, the higher the plan you are on, the less likely you are to share a certificate.

How can you avoid Safari subscribers from receiving the wrong logo and name on your notifications?

In the rare case that your subscriber receives the wrong logo and name, you can ask them to clear their push data and resubscribe to your store. Here's how you do it:

1. Click on 'Safari' on the top left menu and click on 'Preferences' from the dropdown.

2. In the pop-up window, click on the 'Websites' tab, click on 'Notifications' from the left menu, and select your website. Click on 'Remove'.

3. Click on 'Privacy' within the pop-up window. Scroll to your website and select it. Click on 'Remove'. You can click on 'Done' once you've completed this step.

4. You can return to your website and refresh it. You'll be shown the browser prompt for re-subscription.

This should ensure that the right logo and name are shown for your Safari notifications.

I have upgraded my PushOwl plan but my old subscribers are still seeing the wrong logo.

Shoppers who subscribed to you prior to your upgrade will still be subscribed via the old Safari certificate. This issue can easily be resolved by asking the shopper to resubscribe to you so that their subscription is stored within your new Safari certificate.

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