PushOwl automatically adds image to cart recovery automations (Abandoned Cart and Browse Abandonment) by picking up a product image from the cart. Our system is designed to exclude any product which is free. This ensures we don't the image of freebies which merchants sometimes add a conversion strategy.

Static Image in Abandoned Carts

There are few cases when we have seen merchants not to use auto image feature in cart recovery:

  • Sensitive images from industries which are 18+

  • Existing product images don't look on notifications due to aspect ratio

  • Static Images to showcase a illustrative message (ex. discount)

PushOwl allows you to help overriding the system by putting a static image of your choosing. Our tech support team can help with the same if you provide us the images to our support team on chat or email support@pushowl.com.

Kindly provide us the following info:

  • Automation(s) to be overridden: Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment

  • Images in the following dimension:

    • Desktop (Recommended size 728x360)

    • Mobile (Recommended size 720x240)

Allow us 3 working days to help process the change.

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