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Why am I not receiving notifications?
Why am I not receiving notifications?

Troubleshooting why you are not receiving web push notifications.

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Having trouble opting in to and receiving web push notifications from your store even after setting up PushOwl? Here's how you can troubleshoot this.

1. Ensure that you've enabled opt-in

If you haven't seen or been able to opt-in to your website's web push notifications, you need to check if you have your opt-in enabled.

Go to your "Opt-Ins" page on your PushOwl dashboard and check if you've chosen either "Browser Prompt" or "Custom Prompt". If not, switch to either of these opt-in types.

Recommended: Browser prompt will capture more subscribers and we recommend enabling this opt-in type.

2. Ensure Max count per session is above 0

The max count per session controls how many times the PushOwl opt-in prompt will appear in your store for the given browser session of the user. Make sure its value is above 0

3. Check if you erased browser history

If your browser history has been erased in the recent past, push notifications would have gotten disabled automatically for all websites. Unfortunately, this event is not sent to a push notification delivery system like PushOwl.

The solution to this is just revisiting your website. By default PushOwl automatically re-syncs subscribers on every new browser session.

4. Click on "Allow" to start receiving notifications

Check to see if you've opted in to receive notifications from your site. You will be shown the browser prompt when you land on your site.

You can manually check if you've opted into web push notifications by clicking on the lock icon on your address bar.

You'll see if you've opted into notifications here. You can click on the dropdown here and manually change your preference to "Allow" if you initially blocked notifications.

5. Ensure that you aren't on a private (incognito) browser

Web push notifications don't work on private browsers. Incognito and private modes are temporary and due to this, the browser cannot collect and store subscription data which is required to later send web push notification.

6. Ensure that your device settings allow notifications

You may also not be receiving notifications because your device settings restrict notifications. Here's how you can solve it on different devices:


1. Go to "Settings" and click on "Apps"

2. From the app list, click on "Chrome"

3. Click on "Notifications" and switch on "Show notifications".


1. Go to "Settings" and click on "Notifications and actions"

2. Ensure that "Banners, Sounds" is toggled on for "Google Chrome"


1. Open "System Preferences" and click on "Notifications"

2. Click on "Google Chrome" and ensure the toggle is on for "Allow Notifications from Google Chrome".

7. Check if you have "Do Not Disturb" or "Focus Assist" switched on

You may not be receiving notifications if you have switched on "Do Not Disturb" (on Mac) and "Focus Assist" (on Windows) for specific hours during the day.

On Mac, open "System Preferences", click on "Notifications", and click on "Do Not Disturb". You can see if this setting is turned on and how long do not disturb is enabled.

On Windows, go to "Focus Assist" from "Settings" and check if you have switched it on.

8. Automation logic

If it's specifically an Automation notification that you are not receiving, it could be because of some additional conditions that PushOwl applies to minimize spamming your store visitors with notifications.

For eg., if a visitor has received an abandoned cart (or any other automation) notification in the last 24 hours, a new sequence of automation notifications won't be scheduled for that visitor. Note: the condition doesn't apply to the notifications of a single automation flow sequence that are scheduled together.

If you are still having trouble receiving web push notifications from your site, you can contact our support team from the in-chat window here or through the PushOwl dashboard.

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