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Ordersify Integration
Ordersify Integration

Integrate Ordersify and PushOwl to set up back in stock subscription and send back in stock alerts via web push.

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Ordersify Product Alerts is a Shopify app that lets you set up low stock and out of stock alerts on your products. With this integration between Ordersify and PushOwl, you can enable web push subscriptions within your out-of-stock pop-ups and send automated web push notifications to shoppers who subscribed.

Here's how the integration works:

  1. Through Ordersify, you can set up your back in stock subscription pop-up, enable different channels like web push, and customize your messaging and pop-up appearance.

  2. Within the PushOwl dashboard, you can customize the web push notification message that shoppers will receive once the item they subscribed to is back in stock.

  3. Shoppers who subscribe to web push to receive back in stock alerts about a specific product can be viewed through the "Reports" tab within the "Back in Stock Alerts" page on your PushOwl dashboard.

Setting Up the Integration

Here's how you can integrate Ordersify and PushOwl:

1. Install both Ordersify and PushOwl.

2. Go to Ordersify's dashboard and click on "Integrations" from the right menubar.

3. Click on the "Connect" button next to PushOwl.

4. Check "Enable PushOwl back in stock". Click on "Update".

You have successfully integrated Ordersify and PushOwl!

Setting Up Web Push Within Your Back in Stock Pop-Up

1. On your Ordersify dashboard, click on "Settings" and then on "Popup".

2. Here, you will see the different options available to you to let you customize the appearance of your pop-up.

3. Click on the "Translation" menu and scroll down to find the "Receive push notifications" field. Here, you can customize the message shown next to the checkbox to let shoppers subscribe to web push back in stock alerts.

This is how it would look:

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