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Troubleshooting with the PushOwl Onsite Debugger
Troubleshooting with the PushOwl Onsite Debugger

How to use the PushOwl Onsite Debugger to troubleshoot common issues with web push notifications on your Shopify store.

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The PushOwl Support Team is always available to answer your specific questions about PushOwl's web push notification or troubleshoot why a certain function is not working as expected. However, if you would like to troubleshoot and understand an issue by yourself, you can also use our PushOwl Onsite Debugger.

This article shows how to start the PushOwl Onsite Debugger and how you can use it to troubleshoot the Opt-in appearance. Please note that the Onsite Debugger is under constant development and improvement.

The PushOwl Onsite Debugger only works with PushOwl's web push notification platform and cannot troubleshoot other platforms. Debugging will only happen via the browser and does not require a specific login. Only data already available on the browser is used by the Onsite Debugger.

How to start the PushOwl Onsite Debugger

To start the PushOwl Onsite Debugger

  1. Go on any store using PushOwl

  2. Right-click on the page > "Inspect"

  3. Switch to the "Console" tab in the "Developer Tools" view (right side)

  4. Input the following snippet in "Console": pushowl.setLogLevel(pushowl.LOG_LEVELS.DEBUG), then press enter

  5. Refresh the page

To turn off, run: pushowl.setLogLevel(pushowl.LOG_LEVELS.SILENT)

The debugger also automatically gets turned on when you open any store url with the ?poTaskType=debug paramter.

Chrome Browser with Console ("Developer Tools") open on the right side.

Troubleshooting with the Onsite Debugger

The Onsite Debugger will provide general information as well as specific, human-readable info about the Opt-in prompts (and why they are not showing) while browsing the website.

For example, in the screenshot below the Custom Prompt does not show because its appearance has been deferred via the settings (see: Optin prompt was not shown. Reason: deferred till Fri Dec 18 2020 11:14:50 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time))

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