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Combine Alloy and PushOwl to automate push notification sending for individual subscribers or one-off broadcast campaigns.

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Alloy is an eCommerce automation platform to automate marketing, rewards, operations, fulfillment, and much more by connecting 60+ eCommerce integrations, including Shopify and PushOwl.

By integrating Alloy and PushOwl, merchants can reclaim time that was previously used by repetitive manual campaign sending; and introduce new use cases by connecting various triggers from Shopify but also other apps with sending push notifications.

PushOwl is integrated with Alloy to:

  • Create a new campaign to send to all subscribers

  • Notify specific customers based on Shopify IDs or emails

  • Get subscribers via their email address

  • Get all subscribers via an email

How to Use Alloy

Alloy allows you to build automatic workflows in the format of trigger → action, including the addition of utility blocks (e.g. conditional blocks). You can find all Alloy features on their website.

Typical triggers for workflows including PushOwl will be customer-specific activities or attributes (for example, from Shopify).

Steps to Build a Workflow

Workflows are created via the Alloy dashboard and require a trigger to start the workflow, for example, “Shopify customers updated”. This specific workflow will now always be triggered when a Shopify customer is updated. Each workflow has specific actions, for example, “Notify specific customers” (PushOwl).

Read more about building workflows in Alloy’s helpdesk.

How to Integrate PushOwl with Alloy

To enable the integration between Alloy and PushOwl, ensure that you have installed both the apps first.

PushOwl is integrated via the Alloy dashboard. You only need to click the Authentication button inside the workflow builder. The integration happens via the PushOwl API and does not require a manual token exchange.

Example Use Case for your PushOwl x Alloy Workflow

You can find example workflows and set them up instantly through Alloy’s marketplace.

You can also create your own. One example of a PushOwl <> Alloy workflow is to send rewards to your customers based on specific conditions that they meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use the coupon code ALLOYLOVESPUSHOWL?

A: The coupon code is applied on Alloy's payment page during upgrade, The coupon code can be used for all subscriptions to get a 10% discount.

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