Edgemesh is a website-accelerating solution that boost store performance without requiring any developer effort. It does so by locally caching static assets to avoid network requests, which is done through a so-called service worker.

PushOwl also works through a service worker. Since both, Edgemesh and PushOwl, use service workers, a conflict arises between the two apps and hence in most cases Edgemesh isn't able to work properly.

Integrating both apps via the PushOwl dashboard prevents this issue.

Enabling the Edgemesh-PushOwl Integration

If you want to use both the apps on your store, you most probably have them installed already. If not, install them.

Once you have both the apps installed, follow the procedure below to enable the integration:

  1. Uninstall Edgemesh from the store. Don't worry! We'll load it through PushOwl.
  2. Login to the PushOwl dashboard and go to the Integrations page.
  3. Enable the Edgemesh integration toggle.

That's it! Edgemesh should now be loading through PushOwl and working correctly to speed up your website.

Uninstalling apps

Uninstalling PushOwl

If you need to uninstall PushOwl from your store in future, remember to install Edgemesh separately on your store.

Uninstalling Edgemesh

If you want to stop Edgemesh on your store, you need to follow the same procedure like you followed to enable Edgemesh from PushOwl dashboard except, instead of enabling the integration, you need to disable it.


Q: What happens if I enable the integration but I don't use Edgemesh?

A: Nothing happen. The Edgemesh client will be loaded without an associated account which will have no effect.

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