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Edgemesh Integration (deprecated March 2021)
Edgemesh Integration (deprecated March 2021)

New Shopify limitation with regards to service workers )as introduced in March 2021) makes the Edgemesh-PushOwl integration non-functional

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How to use PushOwl and Edgemesh together on your Shopify store?

Both, PushOwl's and Edgemesh's technology, that is web push notifications and page speed acceleration respectively, are powered by a so-called service worker. When you use PushOwl and Edgemesh in parallel, both apps will use the service worker to fulfill their respective objective. However, there can only be one service worker active at a time. This means that your Shopify store visitors that subscribe to web push will only use the PushOwl service worker (and not the Edgemesh service worker), while store visitors that decline web push or use unsupported platforms (for example web web push doesn't run on iPhones or incognito browsers) will only use Edgemesh's service worker.

Roadmap for a new integration

PushOwl and Edgemesh built an integration in 2020 to synchronize both service workers. With the Shopify changes with regards to service workers, this integration is no longer working. The PushOwl and Edgemesh team are working on on building a new integration to re-connect both apps.

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