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Wheelio Integration
Wheelio Integration

Collect more web push subscribers by integrating with Wheelio's interactive "Spin-to-win" pop-ups

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Wheelio helping your Shopify brand to gain subscribers and therefore improve your retention rate and customer LTV. The Wheelio app works straight out of the box and can be customized to fit your store's use cases.

The integration between Wheelio and PushOwl adds an additional "Subscribe to Notifications" button to the Wheelio spinning wheel (additional to email subscription). Subscribing to web push notifications will trigger the spinning wheel to provide a discount code to the store visitor (same flow as email). If for any reason the store visitor is already subscribed to web push notifications, the wheel will spin as well.

How to set-up the integration

1. Install Wheelio and PushOwl from the Shopify App Store.

2. On the Wheelio dashboard, go to Integrations and connect PushOwl

3. Once the PushOwl app is connected, you can toggle on the integration (don't forget to click 'Save changes' (top of the screen).

4. You can customize the button text that is shown on the Wheelio spinning wheel.

Advanced Setup

At best, use the Custom Prompt opt-in method when running the Wheelio integration on your storefront. This allows for multiple subscription opportunities because the custom prompt can be postponed by clicking later, while the Browser Prompt can only be blocked but not deferred.

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