Switch Store is a beta feature that has just been launched on PushOwl. With this, you can directly switch to other store’s PushOwl dashboards that you have access to.

How to Switch Your PushOwl Dashboard

1. Click on the dropdown on the top right corner of your PushOwl dashboard.

2. Click on ‘Switch Store’ from the dropdown.

3. Here, you will see a list of stores you have access to or associated with your primary Shopify account.

4. You can either search for the store or scroll to find the store.

5. Select your preferred store and click on the ‘Switch Store’ button.

6. You will be shown a confirmation prompt asking to confirm your switch. Click on ‘Ok’ to continue.

7. If you are logged in, you will automatically be taken to the other store’s PushOwl dashboard.

8. If you are not logged in, you will be shown the Shopify login page. Once logged in, you can access the PushOwl dashboard.

Switch Store for Staff Account

Only staff accounts with permission to access other store dashboards can switch. When switching, your staff will only be shown the stores whose PushOwl dashboard they have access to.

You can access and change staff permissions within your Shopify dashboard settings.

Why can’t I access the PushOwl dashboard for another store?

Here are some ways to troubleshoot this:

  • Check if you have entered the right password.
  • If you have a staff account, check if you have permission to access apps for the store.
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