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How to Add A Shareable Discount Link to Abandoned Cart Reminder
How to Add A Shareable Discount Link to Abandoned Cart Reminder

Use shareable discount links to automatically apply your discount to your cart when subscribers click on the reminder.

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A shareable discount link automatically applies a discount to the customer's checkout cart, once they have an item in their cart or to any active carts they have.

You can add this link to your cart reminder to make the offer sweeter for customers who have abandoned their cart and successfully bring them back to complete their purchase.

Here's how you can create and add your shareable discount link to your abandoned cart reminder:

1. Log in to your Shopify dashboard.

2. Click on 'Discounts.'

3. Create a discount code (skip this step if you have already created one).

4. Once created, select the discount code to create a shareable discount link for it.

5. Select 'Promote' to open a drop-down.

6. Click on 'Get a shareable link'.

7. You will be shown the shareable discount link. Click on 'Copy link'.

Here's how the link will look if your discount code is 'CODENAME':

7. Next, you need to add a redirect to their cart page so that the shopper can check out their abandoned cart with the discount applied.

Add '?redirect=/cart' at the end of the shareable discount link. Here's how it would look:

8. Login to your PushOwl dashboard. Click on 'Automations' and select 'Abandoned Cart Reminders' from the list.

9. Click on the edit icon of the reminder you want to add the discount link to.

10. Paste the link within the three fields:

  • 'Primary Link'

  • Button 1 link field for the 'Continue Shopping' button

  • Button 2 link field for the 'Continue' button

For the Button 2 link, don't add the redirect to the cart since the button takes shoppers back to your storefront.

11. Click 'Save'.

You have successfully added a shareable discount link to your abandoned cart reminder!

Pro-tip: Within the cart reminder, ensure that you've mentioned the discount so that your shoppers are aware of the offer they are receiving, making them more likely to click and check out their abandoned cart.

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