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Annual Billing
Annual Billing

Learn about our annual billing plan and how you can switch to it

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Annual Billing allows you to subscribe to your PushOwl Business or Enterprise plan for an entire year.

With annual billing, you get a 20% discount over the actual cost of your existing plan, making it more affordable.

Here's how you can switch to annual billing:

1. Click on the menubar on the top right of the PushOwl dashboard.

2. Click on 'Plans and Pricing' from the dropdown.

3. If you are on the 'Basic' plan, click on 'Business' to view the 'Monthly' and 'Annual' toggle.

4. If you are already on the business plan, click on 'Annual' to switch to annual billing. Here, you will be able to see your total pricing for the entire year.

5. Click on 'Upgrade' and confirm payment.

You will now be annually billed!

How can I switch to annual billing if I'm on the Enterprise plan?

Since Enterprise plans are custom priced, talk to our customer support executives to help you set up annual billing for you.

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