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Reporting: Recurring email reports for your web push performance
Reporting: Recurring email reports for your web push performance

[Currently a beta feature] Read about how you can set up, receive, and access reports of your web push marketing performance.

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Reports is a new PushOwl feature that allows merchants to set up web push reports to be sent to them. This is an Enterprise feature currently on beta.

What is the Reports Feature?

With this feature, you can set up specific campaign reports, abandoned cart reports, subscriber reports. You can request to receive custom reports and set up recurring reports to be sent at specific intervals. Using the Reports feature, you can better understand how your web push marketing performs and use the data to optimize your strategy.

You can find the Reports feature on the ‘Settings’ page.

Types of Reports Available

Here are a few kinds of reports you can request to be set up and accessed:

  • All Campaign Report: Receive reports with details about all your campaigns, including campaign ID, title, message, date, time, impressions, clicks, click rate, orders, conversion rate, revenue and AOV (average order value).

  • All Subscriber Info report: Receive reports with details about all your subscribers, their name (or labelled Anonymous),subscriber ID, web browser, city, and subscription time.

  • Abandoned Cart Reminder report: Receive reports about your abandoned cart reminders— reminder #, title, message, impressions, clicks, click rate, carts recovered, conversion rate, revenue, and AOV (average order value)

  • Campaign Order data: Receive reports about every order generated through web push, including campaign ID, date, order ID, total price, and device used.

  • Known Subscriber Info: Receive reports with details about your known subscribers— Customer ID, first name, last name, email, browser, OS, device, city, country, and subscriber status.

By default, the ‘All Campaigns’ Report is available to you if you have joined the Reports beta.

Elements on the Reports page:

1. Sending to: This shows all the email addresses that receive the communication email about the reports.

2. Request Report button: Using this button, you can request a custom report.

3. Individual Report: All your reports are shown within individual cards. Here, you can send the reports as emails to yourself and set up recurring emails.

How Can I Request a Report?

1. Click on ‘Request Report’ on the ‘Reports’ page.

2. The chat window will open, allowing you to provide details about the report you would like.

3. Once requested, the report will be created and added to your dashboard. The estimated time for the report creation will be informed to you by the support team.

How to Receive Reports Via Email

1. On the PushOwl dashboard, click on ‘Settings’.

2. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab on this page.

3. Here, you will see the different reports available to you.

To receive reports immediately,

Click on ‘Send email now’ next to the preferred Report to receive it in your inbox.

To set up recurring reports to be sent to your email,

1. Click on ‘Set recurring email’ next to the Report you want to set up.

2. Tap on the switch to make the report ‘Recurring’.

3. Next, you can choose whether it should be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Click on the dropdown next to 'Send' to choose from the options.

4. If you’ve selected ‘Daily’, select the time you want to receive the report.

5. If you’ve selected ‘Weekly’, select the day of the week and the time you want to receive the report.

6. If you’ve selected ‘Monthly’, select which day of the month you want to receive the report and the time.

7. Once you’ve picked your preferences, click ‘Save changes’.

Adding Communication Email Addresses to Send Reports to

You can send your reports to other email addresses and allow access to other members of your team.

1. Click on the ‘edit’ icon next to the email addresses.

2. The chat window will open up. Let our support team know the email address you want to add to the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to generate a report?

If available on your dashboard, the report will be generated immediately and sent to the email addresses specified in your mailing list.

I don’t see the newly added reports or updated communication emails in my dashboard. How do I fix this?

Please refresh the dashboard to see the updated changes. If the dashboard doesn’t show new reports or updated emails, contact Support.

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