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Adding a Coupon Code to Welcome Notification
Adding a Coupon Code to Welcome Notification

Here's how you can add a coupon code to welcome notifications and reward new subscribers.

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A great way to increase your web push subscribers is by promising a discount code when they subscribe. You can craft a copy like this for your custom opt-in (previously 2-Step Opt-In) to nudge more subscriptions.

Here's how you can set up a coupon code on your welcome notification:

1. Click on 'Discounts' on your Shopify dashboard.

2. Click on 'Create Discount' button.

3. You will be shown different discount types. Select 'Amount off order'.

4. You can create your discount. Add a simple discount code that shoppers can remember. Add a rule that the discount is only usable once per customer.

5. Click 'Save' once done.

6. Once saved, you will be able to share the discount. Click 'Get Shareable link'.

7. Click on 'Copy link'.

8. Open your PushOwl dashboard. Click on 'Automations'.

9. Select 'Welcome Notification'

10. Click on the 'edit' icon to edit the notification.

11. Paste the shareable discount in the 'Primary Link' field. Ensure that the copy of your notification is optimized. You can get an example from the screenshot below:

12. Click 'Save' once done.

Your welcome notification now has a coupon code exclusively for new subscribers!

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