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How to increase Shopify's rate limit (Shopify Plus only)
How to increase Shopify's rate limit (Shopify Plus only)

Shopify only allows for 80 requests per minute for public apps. Using a private app and working with your MSM, this can be increased.

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This guide is about increasing the so-called rate limit for your PushOwl usage of your Shopify store. By default, Shopify allows public apps like PushOwl 80 requests per minute. This is usually sufficient, yet in the case of traffic spice or high volume traffic in general, can cause calls to be throttled. In this case, you need to work with your Merchant Success Manager to increase this rate limit for a newly created private app.

Please note: Only Shopify Plus stores have access to a Merchant Success Manager (MSN) to manually increase the rate limit.

Create a private app via your Shopify admin

In your Shopify Apps admin, create a new private app by

  • clicking the purple `New private app' button (top-right), or

  • clicking the 'Manage private apps' link at the bottom of your Apps admin, then the purple `New private app' button

Manage private apps

Create new private app

Enter private app details and set permissions

Please provide a private app name (for example: "PushOwl private app") and developer mail (for example: "" - this way we are receiving any warning and alert emails; you can also add your developer's email address here).

Private app name and Emergency developer email can be set at your preference

Private app permissions for PushOwl

PushOwl requires the following permissions. These permission identifier names are found below each permission item on the permission screen, see screenshot below.

[“write_content”, “read_content”, “read_products”, “read_customers”, “read_orders”, “read_script_tags”, “write_script_tags”, “read_fulfillments”, “read_shipping”,
“write_marketing_events”, “read_marketing_events”, “read_product_listings”]

Note 1: For example, “write_content” and “read_content” implies that "Read and write" has to be selected
Note 2: As with the public app, PushOwl's private app will also have access to “read_all_orders” and “read_checkouts”.

After setting the permissions, you will need to create the app
You can later on also edit this private app further.

Pass on the Private app credential to your PushOwl account manager

PushOwl will require the following information from you (see screenshot below for reference):

  • API key

  • Password

  • Shared Secret

Contact your MSM to manually increase the rate limit

Contact your Merchant Success Manager (MSN) to manually increase the rate limit for this specific private app to 200 request per second. Rate limits can only be increased for private apps.

We can provide further guidance in this process as we have worked with MSMs before to increase the rate limit.

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