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Increase your Monthly Impression Limit with One-Time Top-Up Impressions
Increase your Monthly Impression Limit with One-Time Top-Up Impressions

Learn how to add extra impressions without upgrading to a new plan

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If you want to increase the impressions on your PushOwl account to send more notifications to your subscribers, you can use our Impression Top-Up tool to add extra impressions on a one-time basis. The tool allows you to add more impressions and pay according to what you pick. 

Here's how you can add more impressions on your PushOwl dashboard:

1. Go to the pricing page from the account dropdown.

2. Click on "Top-up impressions"

3. Click 'Add impressions'.
4. You will be taken to the billing approval page on your Shopify dashboard, where you have to approve the billing for the impressions you buy.

Pricing for Top-Up Impressions

Here is the cost of top-up impressions based on the number of impressions you select:

  • 10K impressions: $39

  • 25K impressions: $89

  • 50K impressions: $179

  • 75K impressions: $269

  • 100K impressions: $349

  • 250K impressions: $609

These top-up impressions can be stacked, so you can buy different or the same top-up multiple times and increase your impression limit each time you accept and pay the Shopify charge.

How long will these extra impressions last?

The extra impressions expire at the end of the calendar month. Make sure that you are maximising the use of these extra impressions.

You cannot carry forward any extra impressions to the next month.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team for any questions.

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