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How to apply a coupon code for PushOwl?
How to apply a coupon code for PushOwl?

Coupon codes are added on the pricing page inside the PushOwl dashboard.

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How to enter and apply a coupon code

In order to enter and apply a coupon code:

1. Inside the PushOwl dashboard, click on the 'Upgrade' button at the top right corner of your PushOwl dashboard. 

2. On the pricing pop-up modal which shows in front of your dashboard, click on 'Have a coupon code?'  on the right-hand side.

3. The field changes and allows submission of your coupon code. Now enter your code.

4. Click 'Apply'. You will see the pricing updated according to the discount you applied.

You will see the updated information on the pricing page (same page):

  • Price (monthly or one-time charge)

  • Impressions per month

  • Further information about the plan show below the number of impressions

You can only apply valid coupon codes (if you try to apply an invalid coupon code, nothing will happen).

You can apply a coupon code any time, even if this implies downgrading or overwriting your current plan.

Coupon codes are not case-sensitive. 

Something is not working?

Something is not working? Please reach out to our customer support team via chat! State which coupon code or discount you were looking for and if you have experienced any error messages.

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