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How to integrate with Flits (Customer Account Page + More) and use Flits to send web push notifications about credit updates

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Flits is a Shopify app to manage and style your customer account page and improve retention by setting up loyalty, referral, wishlist and social login for your store customers.
The Flits-PushOwl integration helps you to notifiy your customers about their credits via web push notifications.

How to enable the integration with Flits

Note: You will only see PushOwl on the Integration tab on the Flits dashboard if you are on their 'Professional Plan'

  1. Inside the Flits dashboard, go to Integrations  and integrate two apps by clicking Integrate with PushOwl (if PushOwl is not installed at this point, you will be redirected in order to install the PushOwl app)

  2. Make sure the integration is enabled (see the toggle in the top-right corner of the PushOwl integration card)

The integration is fully enabled via the Flits dashboard and needs no setting changes via the PushOwl dashboard.

How to use the integration with Flits

The Flits-PushOwl integration allows you as a merchant to notify your customers about credit updates in their user account via web push notifications.

  • From Admin (notification about manual credit adjustment)

  • Register (credits for registering an account)

  • Subscribe (credits for subscribing via email)

  • Order Credit (credits for first-order or repeat orders)

  • Customer Spent (credits for spending a fixed amount)

  • Birthday (credit for the customer birthday)

  • Monthly Credit (monthly credit)

  • Expiration of Credit (notification about credit expiration)

  • Product Review (credits for leaving a product review)

  • Product Tag (credits for buying specific products)

  • Referrer (referrer credit for the inviting customer)

  • Referee (referee credit for the invited customer)

  • and more

Settings page for enabling and updating notifications

In the Flits dashboard, go to Settings > Notifications to see all available notifications.

Enable and update each individual web push notification

For each individual notificiation, In the Push Notifications tab, you can:

  • enable the notification (No/Yes toggle)

  • update the default text for the title (headline, mandatory) and message (body text, optional)

  • change the primary link (by default: your store, mandatory)

  • optionally add an image (recommended size: 728px (width) x 360px (height)

  • optionally add up to two action buttons

Tracking Interactions with Customer Credit Notifications

The links added to your automated Flits notifications will have the following UTM parameters that you can track in your Google Analytics:

  • utm_source=pushowl

  • utm_medium=flits

  • utm_campaign=none

  • push_id=(number inserted)

For a detailed description of the integration process and the notifications that you can send, please visit the Flits help desk article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the 20% discount apply to existing stores that use Flits already?

A: Any users can redeem this 20% discount.

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