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Business Plan: Perks and Features
Business Plan: Perks and Features

What are the features that stores can avail on the business plan?

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Besides all the features available in the basic plan, Business plan users get the following features as well:

  • Abandoned Cart Notifications - Users can set up a notification sequence to turn abandoned carts into a purchase. This feature helps stores reach their abandoned cart visitors easily.

  • Shipping Notifications - Users can set up this automation to inform shoppers when their product has been shipped out.

  • Hero Image Support - Users can add hero images to their campaigns to send more attractive notifications to their subscribers.

  • Shopify Flow - Set up workflows via Shopify Flow to trigger specific web push notification actions

  • Subscriber Details - Users can see details of their subscribers like browser type, location, etc, and if they have logged in, access their personal details like email address as well.

  • Subscribers Import & Export - Our team will help you import or export your subscribers, allowing you to retain your list even if you switch your push notification, service provider.

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