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Sharing Products from Shopify Dashboard to PushOwl
Sharing Products from Shopify Dashboard to PushOwl

Easily share products, collections, and gift cards as a push notification with a click of a button

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You can easily share a product, collection, or gift cards as a notification instantly through your Shopify account.

To share a product,

1. Click on the product you want to share.

2. Select the 'More Actions' drop-down.

3. Click on 'Share with PushOwl' from the list.

4. You will be redirected to the PushOwl app to the Campaign creation flow. 

5. Fill in details about the Campaign and click Continue.

6. On the 'Create Notification' page, you will see the copy and image of the product auto-filled. You can edit the title, message, and hero image based on the recommended length and size.
Note that the message cannot be more than 40 characters or else the message will be cut off for your subscribers.

6. Click 'Continue' and then hit 'Send' once you're done.

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