PushOwl teamed up with Stamped.io to improve the way you send review requests with web push notifications. 

To integrate Stamped.io with PushOwl, first install the app and follow the steps below:

1. On your PushOwl dashboard, click on 'Integrations' page from the left sidebar. Click on 'Copy the API key' from the ‘Stamped.io’ section on this page.

2. Go to your Stamped.io dashboard.

3. Click on ‘Settings' > 'Apps' > 'PushOwl'

4. Paste the API key in the 'API token' field:

5. Edit the 'Push Title' and 'Push Message' field to customize the title and message of your push notification review request.

6. Click 'Save' when you're ready to set it live.

Now, whenever someone places an order on your store, they will receive a review request via push notification as well if they have subscribed to push notifications.

The push notifications will be triggered at the same time when the review email is sent to your customers. You can change these settings from your Stamped.io dashboard.

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