A warm welcome goes a long way, leaving a positive first impression. The first notification that your visitor receives can do the same.

The welcome notification sequence allows you to greet your new subscriber to your Shopify store. You can set up a sequence of notifications to build a personal connection with these subscribers and keep them on your engaged for a longer time.

Welcome Notification Sequence is part of the Basic plan (free plan) and is enabled by default.

Here's how you can enable welcome notification sequences through the PushOwl dashboard:

1. Select 'Automation' on your Dashboard and click on 'Welcome Notifications'.

2. Click on the switch next to Welcome Notifications to enable it.

3. Switch on specific reminders in the sequence.

4. You can also choose when you want to send them out.

5. Click on the pencil icon next to the notification to customize the message.

6. Once customized, you can click on "Save".

7. You can scroll down to find two other inactive notifications in the sequence. You can click on the switch to enable it, set the time after which it should be sent, and customize the message.

Your welcome notification sequence is set up!

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