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Abandoned Cart Recovery
Abandoned Cart Recovery

Automating your cart recovery with a sequence of 3 abandoned cart notifications

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According to Baymard Institute, shoppers abandon their carts 69% of the time.  In other words, if your online store makes $1000 of sales every week, you are losing out on over $2300 in abandoned carts. That amounts to a whopping $120,000 worth of lost sales in a year!

Using push notifications for cart recovery can help you save some of these sales. By sending as many as three automated notifications to remind people about their abandoned carts, you can increase your conversions without breaking a sweat.

Here’s how you can enable & customize Abandoned Cart Reminders:

1. Select 'Automation' on your Dashboard and click on 'Abandoned Cart Reminders.'

2. Click on the button on the right to activate Abandoned Cart Reminders.

3. Enable / Disable the reminders you want by clicking on the checkbox next to them.

4. Select the time interval from the drop-down.

5. Click on the edit button to customize the notification copy.

6. Click on ‘Save’ after you edit the notification to your liking.

I want to change the dynamic hero images and make them static, based on an image I have created. How can I do that?

Contact our support team and we'll make the changes.

How can I take my customers directly to checkout from the abandoned cart message?

Add '/checkout' instead of '/cart' to your Primary Link within your abandoned cart message.

Here's how it would look:


Abandoned Cart Recovery doesn't work for free products

If all the products in the cart are free of cost, abandoned cart notification will not be queued for the shopper and they will not receive any abandoned cart notification.

Technical Details

Edge Case for Custom Checkouts (Non-Shopify Checkouts)

If a non-Shopify checkout process is used (that means payment is not done via Shopify's standard checkout process), PushOwl will not receive the information about the checkout and keep on sending web push notifications for the abandoned cart reminders. For example 'One Click Upsell' is using a non-Shopify checkout process.

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