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Campaign Reports

Analyzing campaign reports and reviewing their performance.

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The ‘Campaigns’ page shows you your Scheduled and Sent campaigns. They are sectioned into 2 tabs:


For your each of your Sent campaigns, you will see the:

1. Hero image Preview: The sent notification as it appeared to your subscribers.

2. Advanced tags: If 'Flash Sale' or 'Smart Delivery' has been enabled, a tag will be added to the campaign.

3. Impressions: Number of subscribers who successfully received the notification.

4. Clicks: Number of subscribers who clicked on the notification.

5. Revenue: Total value of purchases made after subscribers clicked on the notification.

6. Segment: Depicts which segment of your subscribers was targeted with the campaign.

7. Date & time: The date and time when the campaign was sent.

To duplicate the campaign, you can click on the dots at the right of the campaign section and click 'Duplicate'.


If you have scheduled any campaigns, they will appear in the ‘Scheduled’ tab within the ‘Campaigns’ page with their details. By clicking on the kebab menu, you can duplicate, edit, or delete the scheduled campaign.

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