Your push notification subscribers are identified by two details: their device key and their corresponding key. This lets you send notifications to your subscribers. If you don't have an existing FCM Project, your subscribers' details are stored with your push notification provider. This makes it impossible to export your subscribers as their details have not been logged to your personal FCM account.

To be able to export your subscribers in the future, you need to create your own FCM Project and sync it with PushOwl. Follow these steps to create one.

How do I export my subscribers from PushOwl?

When you want to export your subscribers in the future, email us at We will provide a complete export of your subscribers.

Note: You will only be able to export subscribers which you gained after adding your FCM project details to PushOwl.

What if I added FCM keys after gaining most of my subscribers?

When your past subscribers (the ones you gained before adding your FCM keys) revisit your online store, PushOwl will sync their device token with your FCM project. These subscribers will get added to your export. This way, you will be able to export some of your previous subscribers.

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