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Restockify Integration
Restockify Integration
Integrate with Restockify to send back-in-stock notification when items are restocked
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Notify customers when items are restocked through web push notifications using Restockify.

Shoppers who choose to get notified when products are back in stock are high-intent buyers. Convert these shoppers to customers with highly visible web push notifications that appear on their device screen as soon as out of stock products are back in stock.

How to Integrate PushOwl and Restokify

Here's how you can set up the integration between PushOwl and Restokify

1. Install both PushOwl and Restockify on your store

2. Switch on your opt-in on the PushOwl dashboard

3. Within the Restockify app, click on the 'Customize widgets' tab and click on 'Customize'. Scroll down and click 'Push Notifications'

4. Here, click on 'Integrate' and then click on 'Connect' next to PushOwl

How to setup back-in-stock Notifications

1. Once the integration is set up, click on 'Activate Push Notifications'.

2. Customize the title, description, and buttons based on your audience and brand language. Click on 'Save' once done.

* In order for customers to receive notifications for back-in-stock, customers need to click on Allow for receiving web push notification when the pop-up appears on your website.

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