Our support team can help you with transfer subscribers. There are potentially two scenarios. Let's say you want to move your subscribers from abc.myshopify.com (source) to xyz.myshopify.com (destination)

Action Item

You will need to drop an email to our support team (support@pushowl.com) from both source and destination account from the email registered with PushOwl. On receiving the confirmation over email regarding the transfer, our team will revert back with additional details.

There are potentially two scenarios:

Primary Domain Name Remains the Same
The transfer in this case will be processed by our team within 2-5 working days after verification.

Primary Domain Name Changes

While we can transfer the subscribers in this case, there are some side affects to it. A browser recognises a subscriber based on unique domain, and the notification permissions are associated with the domain. Now with change of domain, an existing subscriber from source domain will see opt-in widgets in new domain as well. And if the subscriber opt-ins on both domains then they can potentially receive duplicate notifications. Also, overtime the browsers deactivate subscribers registered on a domain not accessible anymore.

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