To share a discount directly from your Shopify dashboard to PushOwl, follow these steps:

1. On your Shopify dashboard, click on Discounts.

2. Click on the discount you want to share as a notification.

3. On the discount's page, select 'More Actions' to see a dropdown. Click on 'Share via PushOwl.

4. Since this is the first time your Shopify dashboard is sharing this information with PushOwl, you will be shown an authentication page. Click on 'Update App'.

5. If the page leads you to PushOwl, homepage, go back to the discount page, and click on 'Share via PushOwl'.

6. You will be led to the notification creator flow. Click on 'Continue'.

7. The 'Create Notification' page would be auto-filled with the discount code and the shareable discount link.

8. Fill in the title, message, hero image, and buttons to complete your notification.

9. Click on 'Continue'. Once you've confirmed the details, click 'Send'.

You've successfully sent a notification directly through the discount page!

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