Changing the way you let your store visitors opt-in to web push notifications is very easy. We highly recommend using the Custom Prompt method.

Reasons to use the Custom Prompt over the 1-Step Opt-in process

  1. Avoid penalties from browsers for high block rates

  2. Add more context to your opt-in process for your visitors

  3. Increase the quality of your subscriber base

Step-by-step: Changing to the Custom Prompt process

Step 1) On the PushOwl dashboard, from the left-side settings bar, click 'Widgets' at the bottom (bottom-left corner)

Step 2) If you are currently using the 1-Step Opt-in (that is the native browser subscription prompt shows after a delay of a few seconds), you will need to switch to Custom Prompt and click the green button 'Set live'. 

Step 3) There are two default texts that you should update to fit your store's brand and voice - and maximize opt-ins: Title and Description. Also update the text for the CTAs—  'Allow' button label and 'Later' button label. This is especially important if you are marketing to mainly non-English store visitors.

Title and description will show within the custom widget. This custom widget is shown prior to the native prompt (which cannot be changed and is controlled by the browser). The native prompt is shown only when a visitor clicks on the 'Allow' button on the custom widget.

Similar to the 1-step opt-in, you can change the delay times for the Custom Prompt by the device (desktop and mobile). If the Custom Prompt enabled, the native prompt will always show directly after Allow is clicked on the custom widget.

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