SMSBump is an enterprise-grade SMS platform made for eCommerce businesses. 

With audience segmentation, advanced automation building, and multiple options to capture consumer's phone numbers, SMSBump is a high-ROI SMS marketing solution. With SMSBump, you can set different automation events such as abandoned cart reminders, customer winback campaigns, birthday reminders, shipping confirmations and many more.

Check out a few resources to help you get started with SMSBump:

  1. Install SMSBump on the Shopify App Store

  2. How to Install and Configure SMSBump on Shopify

How Can You Use SMSBump and PushOwl Together?

SMS and web push are marketing channels with an incredibly high CTR. Both apps— SMSBump and PushOwl— utilize timely automations and delay to engage your subscribers. Consider the delay timing if you are using automations that are based on the same triggers.

Before we jump into the different uses, let's look at the audience segments you'll come across. You'll find 4 kinds of audiences:

  1. Visitors who have subscribed to both push notifications and SMS.

  2. Visitors who have subscribed to only push notifications.

  3. Visitors who have subscribed to only SMS.

  4. Visitors who have not subscribed to either channel.

Consumers decide which communication channel they want to use and opting-in to either one or both, SMS and web push, happens very consciously. But by enabling both the channels, you create two massive opportunities to ensure that your site visitors can be captured as subscribers. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery with SMSBump and PushOwl

Enable the abandoned cart reminders on both SMSBump and PushOwl to ensure maximum reach when recovering abandoned carts.

If you're using both the channels to recover carts, ensure that you aren't keeping the same delays (visitors may have subscribed to both channels). Here's how we recommend that you time your abandoned cart messages.

How does an abandoned cart message look on SMS and push notification? Here's a preview:

What are the creation requirements for each format- SMS and push?

SMS and web push notifications both are very similar and are based on text and a target URL. Let's look into any limitations and creation requirements for both the formats:


  • Character limit for a single message is 160 characters (70 characters if emojis are used because of the special encoding emojis use).

  • Your marketing messages can be up to 1600 characters long (in this case, you send multiple SMSs).

  • If you add a link, SMSBump automatically shortens the link for you to save characters.

  • You can attach an image with the message (making the SMS a Multimedia Messages - MMS) but this is only delivered to your US recipients. 

  • If you have smart sending enabled, your subscriber will receive only one notification every 16 hours. You can change the hours according to your preferences.

Web push notifications:

  • The customizable text in a web push notifications consists of a headline and body text.

  • You can insert a hero image which is viewable for subscribers using a Chrome browser on their Windows or Android device.

  • You can add a target URL to the entire notification. Subscribers who click on the notification will be taken to this URL.

  • Optionally, you can add up to 2 buttons (as a CTA) including each a link text and a target URL.

  • You can enable smart delivery to send the push notification at the time the individual subscriber is most likely to be active. 

We have written an extensive article about the Web Push Notification Best Practices considering the character length allowances of each operating system and browser combination.

Here's an example of a flash sale run on both channels:

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