These are two widgets that allow visitors to subscribe. The 'Widget' page on your dashboard lets you enable and customize this.

1. Browser Prompt

The browser prompt requests visitors to subscribe to your notifications.

To enable the browser prompt:

1. Click on 'Widgets'

2. Click on the switch next to 'Browser Prompt' to enable it.

3. Set the timer according to when you want the browser prompt to be shown. Click on the timer dropdown to change it. You can set different timers for desktop and mobile users.

The prompt is non-customizable since it is controlled by the device’s browser.

Note: It is advisable to use the browser prompt as it’s more effective at gaining subscribers for your online store.

Along with the browser prompt, you can show a hint screen/overlay to your visitor, which is displayed next to the browser prompt.

To enable & customize the overlay: 

1. Go to ‘Widgets’ on your PushOwl dashboard.

2. Click on the checkbox to enable Overlay. 

3. Edit your overlay by filling in the fields. 

i) Title: Write a catchy title to urge visitors to subscribe.
ii) Message: Tell visitors what your store will offer if they subscribe. 

4. Click on ‘Preview’ to see how the overlay would look.

5. Click on ‘Save’ when you’re done.

Note: The browser subscription prompt will not show on the cart page or the checkout page in order to not distract a potential buyer from converting on your store.

I want to customize which pages the browser prompt shows up on. How can I do that?

Talk to our support team and let them know which pages you want to enable/disable the browser prompt. We'll set it up for you!

2. Flyout Widget

Flyout Widget is an optional way to encourage your visitor to subscribe. You can show offers and send a compelling message.

To enable the flyout widget on your store:

1. Click on 'Widgets.'

2. Scroll down and click on the switch next to 'Flyout Widget.'

3. Edit the fields to customize it for your brand.

  1. Message (before subscription): Visitors see this message on your online store before subscribing
  2. Yes button: This button is a call-to-action to get the visitor to subscribe.
  3. Message (after subscription): This is a confirmation message shown after subscribing.

For a detailed understanding of the flyout widget, read our guide about it.

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