If you use another push notification app and want to import your subscribers to PushOwl, you should have an existing FCM Project. An FCM Project maintains a database of your subscribers. If you don't have an FCM Project, the subscribers are assigned to your push notification app.

To create an FCM project, follow the steps in this article.

To import to PushOwl using your FCM key:

1. Login to your Firebase account.

2. Click on the gear icon next to ‘Project Overview’ and click on 'Project Settings'

3. Click on Cloud Messaging.

4. Copy the Server key and Sender ID.

5. On your PushOwl dashboard, click on 'Settings.'

6. Click on 'Store' and paste your Sender ID and FCM Server Key in the corresponding fields.

Can I import my Shopify / email subscribers?

No, you can only import your push notification subscribers from your previous push notification app. This is possible only if that app provides an export in the proper format. 

For more questions, contact@pushowl.com or start a chat with our support team.

I want to import my subscribers to PushOwl, but I did not create an FCM project on my previous push notification provider. What do I do?

We will personally help you import your subscribers. Get in touch with us through our in-app support below. 

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