Facebook’s browser does not support web push notifications. In simpler words, you will not be able to get any subscribers if your ads / posts are being viewed in the Facebook browser.

Facebook has given businesses an option during campaign creation which will allow you to create ads which open in the mobile’s default browser. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Open your Facebook Business account. Then navigate to Ads Manager and click “Create” under any of the following tabs: campaign, ad sets OR ads.
  • Select “Catalog Sales” as your Marketing Objective.
  • Complete the rest of the ad creation until final sub-section “Links”, under Ads.
  • In the “Links” sub-section, find the drop down menu for “App Link Destination” and select “Open deep link in a mobile browser” from the options.
  • Submit your ad once you are happy with it.

That’s all you need to do. When someone clicks on the ad on their mobile, this setting will open your ad redirect link in the mobile’s default browser, thus ensuring you’ll get subscribers from your Facebook ads.

Word of advice: Don’t run ads just to get subscribers for push notifications. Potential customers will be clicking on ads because they want to buy products, not simply to subscribe to notifications. Opting in for push notification updates is an added benefit, never assume it as the primary goal of your ads. This is true for other mediums like emails and SMS as well, not just push notifications.

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