Businesses live and die by their subscribers. As savvy online marketers put it, “The money is in the list".

A good chunk of subscribers can not only help you bring consistent traffic on your store but can quite literally make you more money with the help of automated notifications on events like cart abandonment, inventory updates, etc.

If you are here, you probably understand the importance of having more subscribers, especially the ones who have visited your store in the past. Let's see how you can go about this.

1. Enable all PushOwl widgets

What is a widget? Widgets are those elements that are added on top of your store which allow people to subscribe to your notifications (read more). So, if you think about it, the more the number of ways people have to subscribe on your store, the higher the chance that they will subscribe.

PushOwl currently offers two types of widgets:

Brower Prompt

Flyout Widget

We are constantly working on adding more widgets to PushOwl, so keep an eye for that. In case if you have a specific widget request, feel free to write to us.
At the same time, make sure you are not cluttering your store with a lot of widgets.

2. Spread the word across channels

Many store owners are heading towards cultivating their audiences across multiple channels, but a large proportion of them are speaking in silos – their Twitter followers aren’t their Facebook fans or aren't their newsletter subscribers, who in turn aren’t their notification subscribers. A little cross-promotion can drive these engaged audience members to coalesce around your notification subscriber base, where you can arguably create a quicker and easier way of communication.

3. Offer a deal or an incentive

Offering a discount or coupon code, or a similar incentive will encourage more visitors to subscribe to your notifications. Take advantage of your ability to customize the PushOwl widget and increase your subscriber base.

4. Reduce the clutter

It is easy to get carried away and have a lot of apps all over your store homepage in order to boost your business. This is, in fact, counter-productive because it not only decreases the attention customers give to your store but also spreads that attention too thin across all those apps. So be wise, evaluate which apps are working for your business and only keep those. The formula is simple: the lesser the number of other apps you have on your store homepage, the more subscribers you gain on PushOwl.

5. Partner up

Sometimes it’s a difficult world out there for a lone marketer. Partnering up with others can help share the burden of hunting for new subscribers. Occasional promotional callouts in your partner’s message (and vice-versa) can work wonders for both. Try finding partners with popular content creators, magazines and online blogs, and even other stores who are not your direct competitor, but have products which will compliment your store.

6. Post-subscription etiquettes

When a visitor subscribes to notifications from your store, there is an inherent trust involved that he / she won't receive dozens of notifications every day from your store. Make sure you don't spam your subscribers with unnecessary updates.
Spamming your subscribers will lower the impact of your future notifications. But more importantly, you might lose your subscribers if they get annoyed by this.

7. Share opt-in-link wherever you can

Another way you can get more subscribers is to share the opt-in link wherever possible. You can include this in your email signature, newsletter sign0up buttons, your store descriptions on your social media accounts, etc.
While this won't be the biggest source of new subscribers, before long, you'll see a steady increase in your subscriber base.

8. Be patient 

Installing PushOwl doesn't mean you will get thousands of subscribers within a couple of days. Building your subscriber base takes time, so you have to be patient. It is dependent on the number of your store visitors, the split between new and returning visitors, type of products you offer, the industry of your business, the overall affinity of your target audience towards push notifications and so much more. The number of subscribers will naturally grow as your business grows to find a suitable market and appropriate products for it.

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