Follow these instructions to implement custom buttons/ui elements to allow your visitors to subscribe.

  • Add a CSS class="js-pushowl--subscribe" PushOwl will add a click listener on any UI element which would allow your users to subscribe.
  • Make this button hidden by putting CSS attribute visibility:hidden. This is needed because push notifications are not supported on certain platform like iOS or incognito windows. PushOwl will automatically make the button visible on compatible browsers.
  •  Optionally, add another attribute data-pushowl-post-subscription-message="Subscribed"  to the element if you want the text of the button to change after subscription.

Example back in stock button 

<button class="js-pushowl--subscribe" data-pushowl-post-subscription-message="Subscribed">Get Notified</button>

Feel free to add any CSS to the element to make optimised for your theme.

For any bespoke widgets, we have partnered with Storetasker to help PushOwl customers.  

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