Unless you have been a hermit when it comes to technology, you must have seen your fair share of push notifications. These are the messages you receive from apps on your mobile devices.

Well, Web Push Notifications are quite similar, with one small difference. They are messages one receives from websites. Once a person subscribes to receive notifications from your store, you can send them these notifications even if they are not present on your online store.

Push Notifications are simple yet an extremely powerful form of communication for online stores. They have proved to be better than email marketing. You can do a lot with push notifications other than just letting your subscribers know about promotions or special offers.

Ever faced issues with store visitors abandoning their purchases before completing it? With Push Notifications, you can recover these abandoned carts and boost your sales. You can even send notifications when products are back in stock and notify your subscribers about price drops.

See them in action on your browser with this quick demo.

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