PushOwl does very little to change the look of your store. But it still packs a punch.

Here are the elements which your store visitors will see after you install PushOwl.

  • Browser Prompt
    For stores to be able to send notifications to their visitors, these visitors need to agree to receive notifications through the browser's native prompt, which looks like this for Google Chrome:
  • PushOwl Widget (optional)
    To make sure you don't lose out on converting your visitors into subscribers, the PushOwl Widget (see below) lets you customize a message to entice your visitors to subscribe to your notifications.
  • Back In Stock Widget (optional)
    If your store visitors are interested in a product but it is not currently available, they can subscribe to notifications for that product. When your store refills the inventory for this product, they will be instantly alerted that the product is back in stock.
  • Price Drop Widget (optional)
    If your visitors are waiting to purchase a product after its price drops, they can subscribe to notifications for that product. When you offer a discount or lower the price of that product, they'll be instantly alerted about the price drop.

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