For stores to be able to send notifications to their visitors, these visitors need to agree to receive notifications through the browser's native prompt, which looks like this for Google Chrome:

But this has two major problems:

  1. Non-customizable - You don't have the option to offer your visitors a compelling reason such as a discount offer or a description of what notifications they can expect to receive.
  2. Difficult to re-subscribe - If a visitor declines to receive notifications, that visitor will not be able to receive this prompt again without going through a complicated process.

To make sure you don't lose out on converting your visitors into subscribers, the PushOwl Widget (see below) lets you customize a message to entice your visitors to subscribe to your notifications. If the visitor declines, you can easily prompt him again later and add him to your subscriber base.

The PushOwl widget will help you to provide a better experience to your visitors, without having to compromise by losing out on your subscribers

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