What are Impressions?

1 impression is counted when 1 push notification is successfully delivered to 1 subscriber.

Why is our pricing model based on Impressions?

The industry delivery rate for push notifications is between 45-60%. Which means that not all of your notifications will end up being successfully delivered to your subscribers. So it does not make sense to count the undelivered notifications towards your monthly quota.


Let's say you have 1000 subscribers and you just sent a campaign to all of them. According to the industry delivery rate, let's assume 600 of your subscribers received your notification. In other words, 400 of your attempted notifications were undelivered and did not create any value for you.

If you were to be charged on the basis of the number of notifications you attempt to send, it would be extremely unfair to charge you for 1000 notifications, when only 600 of them were delivered.

Now imagine what happens when you send multiple campaigns every month, and your subscriber base is much bigger than 1000 subscribers. The number of undelivered notifications counted towards your plan would keep on increasing, and you would end up paying a lot for notifications which have created no impact for your store.

PushOwl tracks impressions, which means, only the notifications that have been SUCCESSFULLY delivered are counted towards your plan. In the above example, only 600 impressions would be attributed to you because 400 of your notifications did not get delivered to your subscribers.

This ensures you won't pay for something which your subscribers never saw.

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