For stores to be able to send notifications to their visitors, these visitors need to agree to receive notifications through the browser's native prompt, which looks like this for Google Chrome:

But this has two major problems:

  1. Non-customizable - You don't have the option to offer your visitors a compelling reason such as a discount offer or a description of what notifications they can expect to receive.
  2. Difficult to re-subscribe - If a visitor declines to receive notifications, that visitor will not be able to receive this prompt again without going through a complicated process.

To make sure you don't lose out on converting your visitors into subscribers, the Flyout Widget (see below) lets you customize a message to entice your visitors to subscribe to your notifications.

How can a visitor become a subscriber if they block notifications?

The browser prompt does not show up when a visitor blocks notifications. In such cases, the flyout widget is useful to convert such visitors into subscribers. Whenever a blocked visitor wants to subscribe via the flyout widget, PushOwl will show a hint screen with the steps on how they can subscribe.

Using flyout widget with browser prompt

When you want to incentivize your visitors to subscribe to push notifications, the flyout widget is a great way to do it. You can add a catchy message here. Or provide a coupon code or discount to give them an incentive to subscribe to your store

If the visitor declines, you can easily prompt him again later and add him to your subscriber base.

Using browser prompt over flyout widget

In some cases, you might be using a different app which occupies the same space as the PushOwl Widget. In this case, it's advisable to disable the widget and use only the Native Browser Prompt, so that visitors have a better experience.

Does the flyout widget always appear on the store?

The flyout widget does not appear in Incognito / Private browsing modes since browsers do not support web push notifications in these modes. Read about it in more detail here.

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