Here is a page-by-page rundown of the PushOwl app.

New Notification

From here you can send Push Notifications to your subscribers.

  1. Click 'New Notification' in the left navigation pane.
  2. Craft your message by filling out the form.
  3. Hit 'Send' or 'Schedule' (blue arrow) your notification for later.


This page shows you an overview of your subscriber growth and a quick look at what has been happening in your store with the help of PushOwl.


To take a look at your previously sent notifications or scheduled notifications, head over to the 'Notifications' page. Here, you can check out how your sent notifications have performed.


The 'Automation' page allows you to enable and customize your automated notifications. These notifications are automatically sent to individual subscribers based on their actions in your store.

More importantly, you can also view how your abandoned cart notifications have performed along with the revenue you have earned because of them. (See below for a snapshot of one of our clients)

PushOwl has 4 types automated notifications:

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders - A series of notifications to remind your subscribers about the items they forgot in their cart.
  • In Stock Alert - A notification sent to subscribers when an out-of-stock product is available again.
  • Price Drop Alert - Alert your subscribers when you lower the price of a product.
  • Welcome Notification - Instantly send a notification when your store visitor subscribes to your notifications.


The 'Subscribers' page shows you an in-depth view of your subscriber base along with the graph for subscriber growth, geographical distribution of your subscribers and the list of all your subscribers.


On this page, you can choose how to gain more subscribers, either by the Browser Prompt, the Flyout Widget or both.

Settings (Brand)

To change your brand logo (which is the default image used in all your notifications), head over to this page and select your new logo.

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