When you send discount codes by push notifications, your customers need to remember the code and then remember to apply it during checkout.

Shopify's latest feature - Shareable Discount Links, simplifies this process by creating a discount link to apply the discount code automatically during checkout.

Here's how to go about this:

  • Log in to your Shopify Admin dashboard
  • Select the 'Discounts' menu option in the left pane
  • Create a discount code with the parameters you think will get results.
  • Now, select the discount you have created for which you want a discount link.
  • Click 'Promote'.
  • Click 'Get a shareable link'
  • A shareable discount link will be generated which will apply the discount code automatically.

Advanced Use Case

Typical a shareable discount link will take you to the home page only, but if you want the link to redirect to a particular collection or product you just need to add additional parameter like this. Example:

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