Being an early stage startup ourselves, we understand that sometimes life is tough. With our Early Stage Plan we hope to give back to the community.

Eligible companies get all our Business plan features for FREE for up to one year or until your store earns up to $1000 in attributed revenue via PushOwl (whichever comes first).


  1. Small Team: Less than 5 employees
  2. Early Stage: Less than 6 months old and 10K$ in yearly revenue
  3. Small User Base: Less than 1000 subscribers
  4. Shopify Plan: Trial, Lite or Basic Shopify

PS - Check out the Mid Stage Plan if you are not eligible for the Early Stage Plan

What you get?

  1. Abandoned Cart Automation - Recover abandoned cart with our automatic push notifications which get sent to your subscribers after stipulated time
  2. Hero Images - Add a large image in your notifications to make them more engaging for your subscribers.
  3. Shipping Notifications
    Automated notifications with tracking details whenever you dispatch your orders.
  4. Subscriber Details
    Get detailed subscriber report including country, synced emails and browser data
  5. Subscriber Import/Export
    If you are coming from another push notification provider, we will help you import your old subscribers. At the same time, you can add your own FCM project to allow export of subscribers in future.

How to get it?

Click on the support icon in the bottom right of your screen and ask about the "Early Stage Plan".

If you are the right fit, our team will help you with upgrade right away :)

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