Web Push Notification subscribers have a couple of important identifiers:

  • Their device token
  • A corresponding "key"

In order to send notifications to your subscribers, you need both these parts. The same is true if you want to export your subscribers.

To be able to be export your subscribers, you need to create your own FCM Project and generate a Sender ID and Server Key. Check out the article on Creating a FCM Project for more details on how to do this.

When you want to export your subscribers in the future, just email us at contact@pushowl.com and we will provide you a complete export of your subscribers.

Important: Please note that you will only be able to export those subscribers you gained since adding your custom FCM keys.

What if I added FCM keys after gaining a bunch of subscribers?

You will still be able to export your previous subscribers (the ones you gained before adding your FCM keys). Here's how.

When your previous subscribers visit your website again, PushOwl automatically syncs their device token and key with your FCM project. This way, you will be able to add these subscribers to your export, without having to show them the browser prompt again.

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